E-commerce user experience

E-commerce user experienceFun book with a lot images and even more tips for making you e-shop a paradise for a user.

Here is the ideas from each chapter:

  • Usability is a prerequisite for e-commerce success. … It doesn’t matter how cheap the products are if people can’t find them or if they get stuck on a step in the checkout process.
  • You can’t sell anything to a customer who has left the store
  • Trust is hard to build – and easy to lose. A single violation of trust can destroy years of slowly accumulated credibility.
  • Good sites show clearly organized, representative merchandise starting right on the homepage
  • Site designers must create sophisticated – bu simple – search engines capable of delivering the goods on the user’s first query
  • The tests of product page is whether it provides shopper with enought information to make their buying desicions and whether it presents an effective mechanism for purchasing.
  • When your customer is unuable or unwilling to complete an online order after finding a desired products, it is a disaster for your site. Not only do you lose that sale, but often you lose the customer as well
  • Ultimately, the best way to improve your site’s international usability is to make it more usable in its native country
  • Ultimately, the recommendations arising from any usability study can only be as good as the information on which they’re based
  • At the end of the book there is a test where you checked the boxes on all mentioned usabilty criterias. I think when you get at least 90 % of them, your conversion rate will rise as well.

    Thank to Jakob Nielsen, Rolf Molich, Carolyn Snyder and Susan Farrell


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    1. Great post as it reminds us of some of the simple things that clearly aren’t so simple or every site would be doing them! But I must admit I’m surprised that I’m not seeing web personalization as a benefit to e-commerce user experience. Serving the right content at the right time to the right person is what it’s all about. And it needs to happen in real-time based on behaviors and attributes associated with each visitor. As Director of Customer Experience at Sitebrand.com, I am always impressed with the impact web personalization has on conversion…not to mention cart spends. And converted customers, when treated well, will often be return customers and nothing beats the loyal customer.

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