Windows 7 Anti-Piracy Activation Update Cracked Update: KB971033

So Microsoft just released an update, via Windows 7 Update. This update is labeled as KB971033 and is listed as “Update for Windows 7″. Immediately after it was published, there has already be confirmed reports of it not detecting existing activations on the computer and does not block a lot the new ones. This update detects 70+ activation bypasses/cracks but apparently that was not enough.

Windows Activation Checker KB971033

Windows Activation Checker KB971033

Engadget reports that this adds a new background process to your computer. This alone has made users with legitimate copies of windows uneasy and has resulted in many people opting out of this

Installed the update already? You can uninstall the Windows 7 Activation Checker KB971033 here.




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2 responses to “Windows 7 Anti-Piracy Activation Update Cracked Update: KB971033

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    helpful facts to us, keep it up.

  2. Freakqnc

    No longer an “optional” it’s now under “important” so monitor what you install if you don’t want to have it running in background constantly checking if your legit copy is not legit. That’s how problems are solved by the likes of corporations like MS… guilty until proven innocent. Instead of pricing Windows competitively for wider legit adoption, MS greed penalizes those who got it pre-installed on their machines or upgraded their machines to Win7 buying a legal copy of the OS. Now with Maverick selling at the unbeatable price of free and with macs becoming more affordable than the past (especially when buying used or off-lease) MS continues to give the upper hand to Apple in the consumer and prosumer markets. Instead of going the route of affordable pricing to entice home/gamers/soho and similar market sections, and making it more affordable for small and mid-sized business, they keep losing ground being not just greedy and narrow-minded, but worse yet, anachronistic and short-sighted… and we’ve already seen how well it paid off making choices such as that of releasing Vista as a major OS upgrade, while was XP with a boob job whichactually made a finally 1/2 decent OS so bad that for the second time (since the Windows ME release), people actually downgraded to a previous version of the OS!!
    That’s to stick with decision made in desktop OS, because if want to really look at a major example of short-sighted decisions one could just mention the PocketPC/Windows Mobile Saga of an OS that never happened and an entire product section (portable devices and phones) on which Win-dozed-off and woke up after a few years that train had left the station!
    But what could one expect… MS will continue not to see it coming as it’s now its well known habit… lost ground on portables and phones, keeps losing ground on home/soho desktops, will lose more ground on specialized and high end workstations and they’re kept alive only by big corporate adoption as they’ve too much invested in Win-based IT training, hardware and personnel. The moment that changes it will be serious pain at MS… just a question of time and making more clueless uninspired choices.

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