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How to say cheers to international bloggers?

Netherland: Pvoost!

Ukraine: Bud’mo!!

German: Prost

Lithuania: Į sveikatą

Azerbaigan: Nu$  olsun

Estonia: Terviseks

Belarus: U-u-u-s

Kyrgistan: coming soon

English: Cheers

Tadzikistant: Baroi salomati

China: Sanbei



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New life starts here..

mantija tygas  Today I just finished my master degree in information system enigineering.

Sometimes I say that those 6.5 years I spend in Kaunas University of Technology is a wasting of time, but actually it’s not true. Yes you can get more by starting your own bussiness earlier, but in university you get the knowledge and experience which will save you a lot efforts in future.

Of course especially in KTU studies are not perfect but still it teaches you to think, not to do straight-foward. And only you decide do you take what university offers for you.


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