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Make yourself happy

Was there a day when you were upset, trying to get you mind into a better state.

Try these simple 7 steps:
1. Go for a walk

2. Listen to quality music.

Dig out that CD you haven’t listened to in ages or tune in your radio to something you’ve never listened to before.

3. Open yourself to discovering something new.

Visit your local library or browse through a magazine rack. Yes there is such a things in the world, not only internet. It’s fun to read the books not using scroll button.

4. Find something to laugh at.

Laughter is one of the best ways to lift your spirits. Find a humorous book, or watch a comedy. Even better, try to learn a few new jokes and tell them to others.

5. Breathing meditation.

6. Open mspaint and just draw some silly crazy stuff. It even more fun doing it with somebody. Try Graffiti

7. You are feeling unhappy. Try to think of those who are blind or has no legs, then it’s stupid to regret that you shoes are dirty.


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