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How to Make a Million Dollars?

There are couple of easy ways how to instantly become a milllionaire:

  • Win a lottery
  • Inherit money
  • Marry wealth
  • Get injured and sue, but I think this works mostly in USA

Investing also is sure way: just you need to invest 5 dollars each day into account which gets 10% income a year. You’ll need 42 years to become a millionaire.

Of course if you like to be the one who hires emplees but to be the emploee, so you can always start your own bussiness.

Try one of two ways to extract the money from a business. Either take the money out as you go along, in the form of a salary and dividends. Or you can sell the business and take your reward in a lump sum.

Your goal is to do the same thing. All that you need to do is to find something that people would find valuable…


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